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Something has to go for something new to come in!!

In Wonderful Looks&Outfits on January 11, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Great quality does not necessarily mean to expensive, quality can be affordable isn’t it? I normally find the best clothes when I’m not looking for anything in particular, taking a walk and seeing what’s there to buy.

Sales and second-hand boutiques are great places to just take a look, also outlet stores (the last year I’ve also been looking up more things online). I enjoy it, because I love looking at everything, fabrics, colors, seeing what they’re made of, and maybe something that looks like it already belonged to me goes trough my hands, if that’s the case, I see how I would wear it and no matter if it costs a little bit more, I buy it. I would say that 90% of  the stuff I buy stays with me forever (by forever I mean more than 3 years, because that’s about the time a shirt is supposed to last today, unless you really pay, and I mean really!!). I know that some brands produce t-shirts and only expect people to use them for 2 years, and the brads with a guarantee, don’t guarantee anything for more than one or two years either.

It really takes just a second to see if some shirt is worth buying it, or if it’s just for a cuple of seasons. At least that’s what works for me, so that I don’t need new stuff all the time, and if I get something new it’s more for pleasure than because I need it. I follow the rule, “something needs to go for something new to come in”. Of course they are exceptions, if I really have a crush on something, and I know I’m going to put it on a lot, than I buy it without throwing something out, but every few months I look at all of my stuff, and see what’s there and should not be anymore!!


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