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MADAME, february 2013, buy it!!

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2013 at 3:46 pm

For everybody who loves to read something interesting in a fashion magazine, please get MADAME this month.

You have a gret article about the 70′ (written by Ines Schipperges), one of the greatest decades if you talk about fashion, you also find an excellent editorial titled ZWISCHENTÖNE, great model with a super cute haircut and precious clothes!

Page 37, the most gorgeous TRENCHCOATES, on page 63 you find something about Audrey Hepburn and it doesn’t stop here, please, if you are a fashion lover, take a look at this, it really IS worth it!

  1. I really desire to book mark this posting, “MADAME, february 2013, buy it!
    ! | Just want to be Wonderful” on my personal website.

    Do you mind if I actuallydo? Regards -Cleta

    • NO, of course I don’t mind, I’m happy if you like it! Just would be nice If you also say where you got it from, but I suppose that’s how you do it is it?
      Thanks again, I’ll take a look at what you do.

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