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Woman modeling as a man!!

In ART on January 26, 2013 at 7:07 pm

I just came across the name Casey Legler, she is the first and only woman who gets booked only as a male model at Ford Models, and the only one that’s known for doing that worldwide. Where does femininity stop and start again? Where is masculinity in a woman? How important is the way you dress or the way others see you?

I leave you the LINK just here, really great, I like her.

It reminds me of myself a few years ago, when I was taking lots of exercise and dancing. At a certain point I realized that I wanted to stop because my body was getting a little too “guy like”,believe it or not. Nobody thinks of me as a masculin girl, “au contraire”! But I experienced myself, that wearing a jeans and t-shirt, having a really toned strong body and short hair (which I also had at the time), made people look different at me.

Casey is totally right when she explains that you can feel comfortable wearing men’s clothes (whatever that means),  it does not mean you stop being a woman… however, I love this subject because I actually feel that many woman with a certain amount of masculinity, are even more feminine in a way than others… don’t know if you get what I mean. Just leave me a comment if you like talking about it, I’m interested.

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