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Eating in Berlin

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2013 at 7:19 pm

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There is something else I love besides clothes and fashion icons, going to cafes and restaurants. I love eating, and to be with people I like in a place I feel comfortable, and I admit I’m quite demanding and critical. So if I really did enjoy a new place, I say so!

I had the best breakfast in a long time, at that beautiful place called Gipfeltreffen, in Kreuzberg, really do recommend it to everyone. Also had a nice Apfelkuchen and a tea at NEST cafe, also in Kreuzberg, lots of space, nice cakes and a place for children to play.

And if you like pizza, forget all the pizza you had, and try De Noantri, the best italian food I had in years, and I eat pizza from time to time. Everything we ordered was genuine, tasteful, simple and soooo nice. I had to talk to the guys who run the place, and tell them so, was really pleased.

  1. Love Kreuzeburg!!! I can’t wait to go back there. Would love to try out those places!


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