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Great book about Romy Schneider

In Iconic Woman on February 19, 2013 at 6:42 pm

So what to say about Romy? She always will be one of my favourite style icons, everything about her was special, feminine and naturally elegant. I don’t smoke myself, but I agree that smoking does make some people look interesting (just a shame not all of them are). Romy is one of those women who did smoke, and I have no words when I see those pictures of her with a cigaret in her mouth.

Jane Birkin did know Romy in person, and she said that when she looks at Romy’s pictures or films, you feel like crying seeing her smile. There is something very hard to describe about her, she just had it.

Please check out C’est ma Vie, a blog with gorgeous pictures of Romy Schneider.

Romy Schneider

Picture by Robert Lebeck

Romy did like hats, like me, she even had her own Chanel collection, because Coco Chanel loved her and dressed her up herself! I like her in general, but the pictures of her where I really love what she is wearing, make up included, are the ones from the late 60′ and 70′. Really worth checking them out.


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