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MADAME (Germany) March, buy it!

In Uncategorized on February 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Here I am again recommending you (at least to have a look)  the MADAME this month.

What do we have? They focus a bit on Silk tops, similar to at least one Marilyn Monroe used to wear, by Pucci, somebody remembers? Here a picture from Kittens & Aprons.

Also HATS, they are definitely back I hope to stay for a while.

Page 92 an article about a film where you see lots of 50′ style, I don’t tell you more about the film… the article is titled “Fräulein, zum diktat bitte”, I saw the picture and that comedy by Billy Wilder from the 60′ came up to my mind, the secretary in that picture is played by Liselotte Pulver showing us a great “satire” of the “Fräulein Wunder ” phenomenon at the time, have a look at her wardrobe on that picture, it’s worth it.

On page 102 an article about painter K.H. Hüdicke.

And to my surprise, a generous article about sexiness! So well written it even got me to re-think some of my ideas and concepts about the subject (such a subject), incredible but true!

The article is by Wolf Reiser, please take 20 min, and enjoy.

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