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Another fashion film, with Marion Cotillard??

In ART on February 25, 2013 at 10:37 pm

It’s easy to find a beautiful actress beautiful, or stylish in Dior, but Marion Cotillard is special. She is versatile, elegant, creative, another example that confirms my theory about natural elegance. Elegance is, in most cases, something you’re born with. You can learn so much about clothes, styles, manners or great make up that shows your best sides, but do you really believe in learning elegance?

You can dress elegantly, but with jeans and white shirt on wearing  flip-flops (cheap ones) and without make up or your hair done? Not everybody has that skill or nature, but Marion definitely does.

I personally love fashion films, specially if there is a little (or a lot) humour there, and a woman like Cotillard. The last film I say lately with her playing the main character was La Vie en Rose, she works the character so well you forget who is working there.

Found the video in FASHION GONE ROGUE by the way.


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