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Every few months, throw something out your closet!!

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm

If getting rid of clothes is something you just can’t do, you don’t realize how much it helps to value what you have, and how much you love the clothes that stay, or that you don’t really need some of them.Lilita und spagetti 024

As you already might know I love to play with clothes, not just mine. Give me a closed and tell me to re-organise it, and I’m happy! You may have shirts that you never put on, skirts that have the wrong length, colors that don’t suit you that much so you never wear them, or great pieces you bought and love, but don’t know how to combine, so they always go back in.

Look at every single piece of clothing or accessoire, even shoes, take a good look at it, and feel if you really like it, use it, or need it.

And the best part of “cleaning up your wardrobe”, is that for everything that leaves something new has to come in!!!

Here some clothes I keep since years because they’re never out for me:

Lilita und spagetti 015

Denim Mini skirt

Lilita und spagetti 028

Cotton sweater, knitted by my mother

Lilita und spagetti 018

Safari style shorts

Pelz mütze 004

Peace and Love belt

  1. I do this regularly, it’s just good. I really try to get rid of something everytime I buy something new so that my closet is not overbrimming. I read once that you should flip all of your hangers around, and when you wear something put the hanger back normal. Then after 6 months see what hangers aren’t flipped, those are the items to get rid of. I hope that made sense haha. Anyway great post!

    • Hi! Thank you, it’s lovely you wrote this comment! SEe you, will ckeck your blog! Jana


    • What a great idea! I just let go of some items that I realize I haven’t worn much in the past few months. I always get so sentimental (since 99% of my closet is great thrift finds) but I have to tell myself “nope, you didn’t use it before and you won’t use it now!” Clothing breakups can stink 😉

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