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A size zero can be as natural and gorgeaus as a size 12, I’m From Europe so I’m not sure how big a size 10 or 12 is all the time, because it can never be the same depending on what brand you buy. That’s also weird, why a size 36 from one brand can be bigger or smaller than a 36 from another designer?? But there should be models all sizes, a 34, a 38 and a 42. If the model gives the energy and the bone structure you need, and she even has the moves, the face… every girl is wonderful, and I also don’t understand why they have to be that tall. Now we have Cara D. and Barbara Palvin, as new successful models that are not taller than 5.7, in cm. 1.71. What difference does it make?? Not to mention Laetitia Casta, Kate Moss, or the very special Devon A., she was barely 5.5, not more than 1.68.


Crystal Renn: Sample Sizes Should Be A US 8 / UK 12


, who made her name as a plus-size model, has urged designers to change sample size clothes from a US zero or two (UK three or six), to a US eight (a UK 12).

“By having a size eight sample, you are giving freedom to a designer,” she said. “Most of the models are going to be size sixes and eights, and you could have tens. If a really amazing model walked in who was a size zero, you would tailor the dress down to her.”

Talking at a panel discussion hosted by the National Eating Disorders Awareness organisation and the Model Alliance at Pace University in the US, Renn singled Zac Posen out as designer who has attempted to diversify the catwalk  with his wide-ranging choice of models.

“There are some people who lead and Zac Posen is one of those people,” she said, reports Buzzfeed. “Modelling is…

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