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Debby Harry, with that haircut I love!!

In Iconic Woman on March 9, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Yes, that’s how I would like to have my hair, and in this photo Debby even has her natural hair color before it became the “Blondie hair” we all know her for, it’s almost exactly like mine. This was about 1965. What’s so special about having your hair like this? Nothing I guess, but I find it so simple and beautiful if you have the face and features for it, and sadly that’s not my case. The photo is from “this isn’t happiness”.

Debby is one of my favourite style icons ever, she was different not only because of the outfits or the hair, she is unique and brave! It would be so good to see more people being brave.

Photo from Style du jour by MIMI, great blog if you like style icons like I do.

Photo from lorna looks back, let’s try that with a white T-shirt please!!


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