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Trench coat this spring?? Please.

In Iconic Woman on March 16, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Trench coat this spring?? Please.

It’s still so cold outside (sometimes I wish I would live a little bit more south) I still don’t go out with my trench coat.

I was just getting trough some vintage clothes of mine and Francoise Hardy crossed my mind. Why? Maybe because of the vintage stuff, or perhaps because the last two days I’ve been working a lot with photos of young Jane Birkin, who obviously had (and still has) that fresh, charming, simple but really sexy style that made her a style icon.

Francoise on the other hand shows us kind of a clean and polite chic, that I rarely see today on young girls. She lived the “mini skirt phenomenon”, but comparing her to Birkin or others of her generation she did not have that openly sexy attitude all the time, and that on the other hand, made her look really sexy sometimes! I guess you know what I’m trying to say…Francoise just is a natural beauty, and one of those models that did not need to pose much, she just “was”, and it worked. Even wearing the sexiest and shortest Paco Rabanne dress, she remained the same all the time, to me she even looked more wonderful with very little or no make up at all. Well, here in trench coat, and now trendy again sunglasses.

I promised myself I would post trench coat look next week, or something as inspiring as that no matter how cold it is! Maybe that’s the way to make the sun shine stronger.

The photo by the way I got it from Fashion’s Most Wanted.


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