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It’s the attitude

In ART, Iconic Woman on March 18, 2013 at 5:30 pm

It's the attitude

It’s incredible is it? I mean, how they did the hair in the mid 50s, look at that volume there!
Ok, what I really mean to say with this photo (got it from, is what we all already know but should remember sometimes… the attitude does it, not the outfit (at least not only).

I think her shirt is awesome by the way, I absolutely do love safari and that kind of military shirt Marilyn is wearing…but look at her, she doesn’t need anything. In my opinion she did not even need all that make up, she was so sensitive and smart, and her eyes and relaxed smile (not the one she put on for the movies) tell you that if you listen. She was special, she had that sensual simplicity…


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