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Ties, always IN, still marvelous trend

In Iconic Woman on March 26, 2013 at 11:59 am

One of my most successful looks till today, is the one I had that Stefanel skirt on with shirt and a tie that belonged to my grandpa. Does it ring any bells? I love ties, and the very polite masculine look on women. I say polite because it actually is polite and proper for men to wear a suit, shirt ant tie.

But it happened, Coco Chanel reinvented it for herself (and luckily for all of us). In fact it’s thanks to her we can wear pants, blazers, shirt’s and ties like we do today. It’s a masculine timeless outfit, but to me it’s much more interesting what it does to women’s looks and styles.

White, simple, mixing stripes and dots just like that, clean and sexy, beautiful Diane Keaton… And the most important thing about ties, I like them to be worn and not properly. If you go “ties”, than I love doing it well or change it completely going oversize like Jane Birkin on that picture, or replacing the tie for a scarf but sticking to a windsor not (you’ll need the perfect scarf for it). For me there is no half way, I’m a purist again. The look can have enough casual and humour to it, so I’d rather let ties be what they are, not hang loose without a real not. It’s a personal obsession.

Jane’s photo, The fashion Sindicate

Diane’s photo from great fashion blog “LA GARCONNE”, really recommend it to everyone who wants to know where certain trends come from, specially “masculine feminine” history of fashion. I’ll include La Garconne to my blogroll, so you can enjoyit like I do.

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