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“Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking!”, I love you Meryl…and the Devil that wears Prada.

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This sentence is always there when I think of flowers and clothing. This week-end I saw lots of trees and flowers. It feels like I was so desperate for some green and sun that I could not resist a walk trough the botanical garden.  I also had a look at all of my clothes and saw that I actually had more florals in there than I thought! Happy flowers, happy Spring (if you already have it).













Clothes are mostly tops and tunica’s. H&M, Adolfo Dominguez, MANGO, and a two designers that unfortunately I don’t know the names anymore.


It has to be a true vision, Anna Wintour

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It has to be a true vision, that’s what she is telling creative people with a “vision” and a project… it’s what all creative and successful artists say, don’t bother to much about what “people say” or what the competence does, focus on your idea, and maybe share it with people you trust and respect. But the idea and the work is yours, YOU do it!!!

Love dancing? I do, some of the looks are great…

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I’ve danced since I can remember, I wanted to take BAllet classes at 4, but my mother thought I was to young…at 6 I finally could start, and never stopped.

This song makes me dance every time, everywhere. Have you seen the clothes some of the girls are wearing? Nice to see a video without half-naked women everywhere… he is the star, I’m a fan of Cromeo.

Video on youtube by OfficialGLS

Baby Blue in great heels

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My wonderful and sexy shoes (they feel sexy, really), jeans and silver, in again (the shoes are 7 years old). My blazer is MANGO, I got it like a decade ago. The skirt is ONLY, a classic. The t-shirt is NAM NAM, and the little scarf STREET ONE.

Ah! And the tights, are ESPRIT, cut them off, works better with the shoes and it’s something I do quite often, just cut and wear!



Kate Bush, my dear british ICON, timeless.

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The military print and camouflage is in again, I always loved the shirts, and that combination of green tones is still perfect in a way. I prefer the “military fashion” that’s without the print, just the green and safari like colours by the way, no matter if it’s a skirt, shirt or blazer. Dries Van Noten gave us that blazer last season with the print, not bad at all if you know how I guess.
That got me to this song I adore, and to the artist who wrote the song, Kate Bush is a treasure, and for me also a style icon.
So, enjoy Kate Bush, and her touching song that even made it to the british charts at the time (early 80s).


Video from Youtube by KateBushMusic,

Runway picture from


Finally found perfect BRA for me, American Apparel!

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I’ve been looking for a “not feeling like wearing it at all” bra for more than a year, not kidding. Finally found it at American Apparel, on-line and quick! It’s perfect if you don’t want your shirts and tops to look like you want people to see the bra you’re wearing, or the bra to change your natural shape that much. Anyway, it’s affordable, simple and crossed at the back, you have it in so many colours!


Leather skirt and my fav. sneakers, all grey and black.

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The funny cotton bag with the camera and “almost famous” on it is BERSHKA. The wool sweater is H&M, the tights are with a little cashmere by CALCEDONIA, the trainers are JOSEPH SIBEL, the leather skirt is vintage from CAMAIEU, and the grey buttoned long vest from MARC O’ POLO.

The mascara I’ve been using for years, BEAUTYCYCLE.

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Beautycycle? Don’t be confused because I don’t show some Artistry product, the brand I use. Beautycycle happens to be like Artistry’s “little sister” brand, with skin care and make up products that have… let’s say a less complex formula, but are very effective and great quality to.

  Beautycycle has an affordable price for anyone, and it’s an example of the fact that not everything expensive is the best you can get, some excellent products have good prices. I told someone again just yesterday that this is my mascara, nobody has been disappointed till now!

I leave you the link if you’re interested, here the German BEAUTYCYCLE , and you’ll find the one from the country you need just clicking back HOME, if you have problems to find it just send them an e-mail, they will give you what you need.

mantel 019

Another Song I love, L’Anamour by Serge Gainsbourg…an excuse

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yes, an excuse to show you pictures of him and his wonderful wife Jane Birkin, a woman I absolutely adore. I also would like to have a tea with her, and hear her speak. Anyway, with or without Jane, this song is so elegant and I never stopped loving it since I heard it for the first time.
No words, just beautiful.

Now that the “show your belly button” thing is in again, see someone who did it before we did (without forgetting Cher, she was a pioneer doing that). And white, she always adored some white clothes in her wardrobe, very trendy again, a classic to me. Nothing more to say, she was and is so naturally elegant, keeping it “never too much” but always perfect.

Photos from Marc D. Sikes “Chic People, Glamourous Places, Stylish Things”, great site!!

Video from Youtube by davidohmus.

Song in my head for the last two days!! Daft Punk

In ART on April 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm

I could not get this song out of my head for the last couple of days, and now I read at HORSTSON that they have a crush with the song to! It’s great, and one more example of their excellent taste no matter what you talk about.

By the way  HORSTSTON is one of my favourite blogs cause they give you the kind of information you can’t google and be done. You get something smart, tasteful, to have fun with and it stimulates my brain which I really do appreciate. The writer really knows what he talks about, he does it with authority and a humble view at the same time. I adore HORSTSON and already posted a comment there asking them to make me a T-shirt with ” I love Horstson” on it. If you don’t know the blog, please do visit it!

Video on Youtube by Coletanm

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