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Love colours, go GREY!! T-Shirt, tights, socks, whatever.

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2013 at 11:20 am

This week-end I felt like wearing grey again, it’s easy to wear with every colour and so interesting to see how grey is not always grey. It depends so much on the light, the colour you put beside and the textures, but you can always create a very casual and relaxed look with it. Here my little choices.




cumple y grises 021

cumple y grises 031

cumple y grises 030

“T-Shirt dress” Selected Femme Jeans, T-shirt H&M, the rest is ESPRIT as you can see.

  1. Grey is a really great color I really love to wear with one exception: Suits don’t work for me.
    I remember when I went to the shop where I usually buy my formal clothes The owner (who is really nice with an uncommon sense of style) once gave me one to try. As soon as he saw me wearing it he nearly shouted to me to take it off ;-).

  2. Of course some colours are not for everyone. I love orange and salmon tones for example, but I know not every nuance of them makes me look good. Give me a salmon dress or t-shirt and I look sick. It does not work with my skin tone at all…
    You’re lucky if that guy told you the truth, some people just want to sell, and tell you whatever you want to hear (in your case you already knew, of course).

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