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FRENCH Vogue, April, BUY it!!

In ART, Iconic Woman on April 4, 2013 at 9:50 am

I always enjoy magazines if they have good content, this month I chose Vogue France for everyone, with Isabeli Fontana on the cover. What do we have:

  Lots of Testino and Kate Moss or Erin Wasson, it can’t be bad isn’t it (also other young models, but I’m more a Kate junkie)?? The editorials take us to the new Continent and very south… that’s the flair, sunny days and tons of sensuality (telling really interesting stories, really!). Specially the one with Erin Wasson shows us extremely comfortable and wearable clothes, very colourful, classic and laid back at the same time which is really sexy to me.

For all Pedro Almodobar’s fans, article about his last film (page 154), and more interesting infos and pictures…BUY IT. You don’t live in France?? Neither do I! Who cares???

Photo from the Cover, BLOG Louisa Models.

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