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Skin Care, you can’t replace your biggest organ.

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2013 at 10:20 am

the face 024

If you brush your teeth every day, why do you don’t do the same with your skin? Your teeth you can even replace them, you think you’ll be able to get another skin when you’re older??
Please don’t care about make up, care about your skin and find a product that works for you.
I’ve used ARTISTRY since I was 27, that’s a while ago!! I leave you the link, just if somebody was wondering if I stick to one brand, or actually do recommend something.
Please, no matter what you use, find your brand, and take care of your skin.



  1. You have a natural and exotic beauty 🙂 I guess you owe it to the bio-natural care products of Germany (which are really very successful )…I like this bio trend . My humble advice to you or any other white skinned woman woman never stay under sun…it means that protect yourself from sun as much as possible as sun rays are drying the skin and make it get old faster…Keep up the beauty and keep up this nice blog 🙂

    • You absolutely know it. I only use day cream that gives me what my skin needs, but also has UV protection in it, no matter if winter or summer I use it all the time. It has helped me till now so far…

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