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Know ARACELI GONZALEZ? You should.

In Iconic Woman on April 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm

This video is here because of her, Araceli Gonzalez.
The questions:
Why did Victoria’s Secret never work with her being such an incredible dessous model?
You think the japanese know her? Everybody who knows the Manga culture, knows what I’m talking about.
Why do we not have more women her age, modeling women’s clothes?
(yes, she is 45, working since the 80s)
Why is she not even more famous outside her country?
(her country is Argentina by the way)
How can a woman look that terrific with long, and short hair?
(she happens to be the first celebrity ever who had a short haircut)

Well, I’ve been a fan of her for years, and I follow her on twitter now to see what she is doing. She is outstanding.


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