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Another Song I love, L’Anamour by Serge Gainsbourg…an excuse

In ART, Iconic Woman, Wonderful Looks&Outfits on April 22, 2013 at 8:24 am

yes, an excuse to show you pictures of him and his wonderful wife Jane Birkin, a woman I absolutely adore. I also would like to have a tea with her, and hear her speak. Anyway, with or without Jane, this song is so elegant and I never stopped loving it since I heard it for the first time.
No words, just beautiful.

Now that the “show your belly button” thing is in again, see someone who did it before we did (without forgetting Cher, she was a pioneer doing that). And white, she always adored some white clothes in her wardrobe, very trendy again, a classic to me. Nothing more to say, she was and is so naturally elegant, keeping it “never too much” but always perfect.

Photos from Marc D. Sikes “Chic People, Glamourous Places, Stylish Things”, great site!!

Video from Youtube by davidohmus.

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