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The ” One Lovely Blog Award”, thanks so much, but is it good or bad to be nominated??

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2013 at 10:01 am

Today “Attire Club”  nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Is that good or bad??

Of course I’m flattered that other bloggers, more experienced and followed than me, do read and like my blog, but I’ve heard this “blogging award” thing is not always the best publicity?

Could somebody give me some information about this? I would be so pleased to hear (read, of course) what’s your opinion.

We've been awarded the  One Lovely Blog award

I want to thank F&F and wish them all the best in blogging, keep it up!

I already received another blogging award a few months ago, I was just starting so I could not believe it and had to learn what it was really about by the time it was happening! Today I would like to nominate other 7 bloggers that I like or find special for different reasons. Some of them already are on my blogroll, I thought back then, it was something to be happy about.

Well, here my 7 things about me, I guess it doesn’t hurt, if my readers do know something…

-There are so many trends I don’t like, but I prefer talking about the ones I do support.

-I’m a perfectionist, it helps me a lot but sometimes it makes things difficult!

-There are so many things I wanted to become when I was a child, it’s not easy for me to just pick one!

-Don’t be surprised if you see me playing model here, I just love it!

-I do understand the “vegan shoes” trend, but I’m sorry, leather shoes are just a must for me.

-I like Louboutin, he is the most charming and intelligent man in the world isn’t he? And of course it would be great to have a pair of “red soles”. His knowledge about women is rare, many young girls should listen to him.

-I see so many blogs with high fashion, but very few of them do really show me a true vision, or inspire me. I try to be honest about what I love, and expect others to do so.

Well, my 7 blogs:

All blogs you can find on my blogroll are wonderful to me! If you want to know why I picked some of them (they all are so different!), you can just ask me, feel free to write and comment.

  1. I think the blogging awards are lovely. They’re a way of encouraging other bloggers which feels nice and I don’t know who could ever be negative about that. I don’t know anyone who has looked at someone with an award and thought it was bad publicity. Blogging is about community and these awards can grow your community by sharing links. I think it’s a lovely gesture to give too, I’ve made so many wonderful blogger relationships this way and suprisingly some of my busiest days were days i posted about an award 🙂 Hope this answers your concerns about negative publicity 🙂 Xoxo

    • Hi, and thanks for telling me your opinion on the awards. I once got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I noticed that a few blogs I nominated, did not even answer to that. Somebody else told me later, that I should not be sourprised by other much more successful bloggers laughing about this kind of “online” awards, that they did not really mean anything. You know what I mean do you? Another person told me the awards where pretty much like spam, and that I should not get into that, that really great and professional blogs never go into the awards and nominating other blogs story…
      So I did not know what to do whith it at first. But I decided to be honest, just ask for information or opinions on the matter, and mention the award anyway. I think I’ll also post a list of blogs to nominate.

      • Hmm, if a blogger doesn’t say thanks then that’s just rude. But I understand why some people might think it spam. I think you can tell when someone’s genuine too. I was once nominated by a blogger who doesn’t even follow me who I had never seen comment on a post, so I wondered what her motivation was. To be honest, I found the award post took so much time with all the linking etc, which I just don’t have at the moment because life is crazy. so il say ‘Thankyou I’m flattered’ but I may not actually post about it due to those reasons. xoxox

  2. […] The ” One Lovely Award”, thanks so much, but is it good or bad to be nominated?? ( […]

  3. […] The ” One Lovely Award”, thanks so much, but is it good or bad to be nominated?? ( […]

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