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Sweet Jane in MADAME Germany!!

In ART on June 30, 2013 at 6:25 pm

If you love 60’s and 70’s fashion and also pop culture you have to know Sweet Jane, one of my favourite blogs on my blogroll, if you actually are a 70’s fan like myself you already are a frequent visitor of Sweet Jane (if you don’t feel free to visit my blogroll now).

Sweet Jane is the best place to visit if you’re interested in fashion editorials of those decades, and I can’t think of a better blog if I need some inspiration. This June (which is about to end) I was so happy to see that Sweet Jane was a recommended blog on MADAME Germany, not only because it’s a blog that feels like a time machine (music, magazines, fashion icons, you name it), but also because the woman who runs it is a designer who has in mind creating a label inspired by the 60’s, I can’t wait what to see some of her peaces.

I remember the day I was nominated for a blogger award a few months ago, I did not even know what to do with that information and the award, and I nominated Sweet Jane, she has been on my blog and in my heart since then. Thank you so much, and congratulations for the little article in MADAME!

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