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Amazing flowers on the street, oh, and my NOA NOA top!

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2013 at 1:10 pm

These flowers don’t even need to be planted every Spring, they just grow everywhere from nothing!! It’s more tricky if you want to get rid of them, they reappear just like that. I adore Summer here, people love flowers, and every little garden or window has some, don’t you find the flowers beside the cars amazing?? Oh, the top is NOA NOA by the way, the scarf is from the man’s department (you know I love using man’s clothes), it’s NAPAPIJRI, big and matching the flowers.





I hope you enjoy flowers as much as I do, otherwise it’s boring for you I guess. Getting out of my house and being able to see this colours everywhere I look, makes my day. You should include more flowers in your life, not just t-shirts that have the same colour. Oh, yes, the jeans is LEVI’S, if you’re interested, great jeans.

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  2. I love flowers, these are really cool.

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