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Amazing beauty, I want to be like Ana Von Rüden when I grow old, a lady!!

In Iconic Woman on July 24, 2013 at 9:59 am

Anna von Rüden

It’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I first saw a picture of over 60 top model Ana Von Rüden: that’s how I would like to be when I’m over 60. Long beautiful hair, confidence, tons of personality, beauty, maturity and a face that shows I’m not 40 anymore, without botox, and fit!

She is great and must have a special sense of humour, being backstage with 18-year-old models and just do the job naturally and better than anyone else, is funny, and really cool. She is cool, chic, it’s classy and timeless, and she looks like a superwoman to me, proud to be who she is. Thank you Ana Von Rüden for being there for all of us reminding women what’s interesting.


The photo is from the great blog Fashion Over 60, great place to visit.

  1. Thank you for sharing an example of a woman who has aged with grace. She looks “her age” but the “best version” of that age. I aim to age in such a way!

  2. Me too!! Thanks for your lovely comment! There is this blog Fashion Over 60, you can find it on my blogroll, you see amazing women there.

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