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Ballerinas and Brigitte Bardot, voilà !!!

In Iconic Woman on July 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm

 I decided to post Bardot’s photo (the choice was between her and Audrey Hepburn) because I used to wear my hair like that when I was younger, some lazy days I still do. I like that outfit, so classy and nothing complicated to it, but the real reason I post this is because I read that article on Les Mads about ballerinas this season. And ballerinas and Summer just don’t go together for me, I’m all for ballerinas the way Brigitte is wearing them here, with pants, or jeans, a t-shirt or a blouse, but never for Summer! I guess I’m a purist here, and I love sandals so much, feeling the air between my toes, that I never understand why girls or women would wear ballerina’s during Summer.

I specially love Repetto, it’s a personal obsession that gets you when you dance Ballet for so many years as a child and teenager I suppose… anyway, they’re the best for me, but I love peep toes, heels and boots so much there are not many  ballerina days in my life.

Picture from IrresistibleParis

  1. Bridgette Bardot is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Even now she wows me.

  2. She was very special when she was young, now that she is older, I’m not her fan really, but she left us incredible photos and films, she is an icon.

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