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That’s how Cara Delavigne looks singing, like it…

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2013 at 6:55 pm

cara delevingne song

If I want to know about news in the industry, I normally check my blogroll, and I found this picture and the video that goes with it at “This is Jane Wayne”, great blog.

Cara Delavigne for me is the type of girl that goes into modeling because she can, not because it’s what she wants to do, she is a creative person in the first place, does whatever she feels like, spends time with music, and does her job at fashion week.

It’s great, because she sounds quite like I expected her to sound like, natural. She has a voice that just comes out like that, and she works with that without trying to sell me any dramatic or romantic feeling…it’s the kind of voices I really love. For me she is THE kind of person that will make money out of everything, and she even will sell us new, fresh and good things from time to time, like Carla Bruni, or other models did before.

Thanks Cara, love you singing, keep doing it!!

Of course, the picture is from This is Jane Wayne.

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