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Go grey! With Victoria Beckham.

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm

Yes, that’s hers, grey, simple, chic, perfect and clean, polite but sexy and powerful look for me, and I’m sure also for lots of other women out there.

Today I saw that post with a little black dress by Victoria at my dear blog Horstson, and left a comment. But I wanted so say it here once more: Victoria Beckham is such a good designer, but I have the feeling some people prefer her just wearing fashion.

She had a good career before she became a mother of 4, even before she married her husband, successful to! See how hate comes out when somebody already famous and rich (also not bad-looking) has something else to do, wants to do it, and does it with such success!

I don’t have a problem with creative people, or with fashion lovers like Victoria. She is in this business because it’s passion for fashion, because she can, because she enjoys it. I even hear women say “oh, but she does not draw anything”, you know what? Who cares??

I know more than the average fashion lover about drawing (actually have a degree in it), and if the idea, the concept, the taste and the work is hers, it does not make any difference if she can draw or not.

Well, I hope you like the dress I have chosen for this post, it’s the one I would buy, of course not the only one, but I fell in love with this grey treasure first time I saw it.

Thanks Victoria for your passion and work. Hope to met you some day, so I can tell you in person!

Photo from My Theresa

  1. I love, love, love all her line. Her sense of fashion is great. I hope someday I’ll own a piece ow two; her dresses are fab.

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