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Great and new discoveries about Women!!!

In Wonderful Looks&Outfits on February 7, 2014 at 1:41 pm

I just had a coffee in that lovely place (they have real Ethiopian coffee by the way, delicious), and I picked a magazine because I was thinking too much and wanted my brain to focus on something else. And there it was, the FOCUS (magazine), and the title was something like “What do women really want”, it’s always interesting to have a magazine tell me what I want, but it was a scientific approach to the subject, interesting. Just give you in one sentence what they needed 4 pages to tell us:

“Women are way more complex than man when it comes to be excited (in every sense of the word) about stuff, and they learn how not to tell or not to feel certain things because it’s not allowed”. So women are much more likely to be the “censorship in our brain” than man, but they have such a “varieté” of things that stimulate them that it’s better to keep some of them hidden…

I guess that’s why women are also happy when they have a happy wardrobe, we are as visual as men but extremely more diverse when it comes to seeing and feeling…so there you go!! That’s why I say “feel the dress!!”, here a picture taken almost a decade ago, I was feeling that dress and the glasses! Have a nice day.


  1. Oh my…

    This photo is gold! 😀

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