for everybody who loves clothes but does not take trends so serious


As you can see this blog is more about how I see and live fashion than about news in the industry. The most interesting part to me is seeing what you do with fashion and using it, not living for it or running after a trend. If I want to know the news from Bread and Butter or Paris, I visit my blogroll.

Fashion and style icons (mostly women) films, songs, fashion films, faces, are things I can get obsessed about.
Playing with clothes (I adore that part) or playing fashion model, is very fun and useful cause it helps me not to take myself to seriously.

I recommend every magazine or brand if I truly like it, it’s something I’ve always done.

Being stylish or glamorous does not only go with trends. Same with elegance, glamour, or that “special touch”, it’s everywhere and nowhere.

I’ll be so happy if you simply enjoy my blog as much as I do! Thanks a lot.

  1. 🙂 I do love clothes but not interested in trends so count me in.

  2. Yes, we enjoy your blog a lot:)!

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