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Confidence is important in everyting you want to do…fashion, business…

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If you want to know more about my business and the training we provide, just click HERE and SEE IT!!


Online Jobs for Fashion Bloggers

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The new trend is: having an online business system that supports no matter what business you’re in, and makes your fashion blog really win the game!! If this makes sense to you, contact me trough the link below!

My video for you guys for Christmas, please don’t mis the outfits.

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As many of you might already know, I’ve been into dancing all my life. And there is nothing I enjoy more, than a dancing catwalk. Please, look at those outfits. You can even dance while you enjoy the video. Happy Christmas to you all!!

My new heels by VIRUS, can’t wait wearing them for you!

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Yes, they have this used look that I adore, I need a pair of shoes that doesn’t look too new, just casual. Some shoes look even better after wearing them for some time. But casual does not mean less feminine or chic. I like that mix between strong, ladylike, comfortable and elegant. Here they are, I know It’s not the “fashion blog picture” you would expect, but this is not called “I always look wonderful”. Wish you a good evening!




Go grey! With Victoria Beckham.

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm

Yes, that’s hers, grey, simple, chic, perfect and clean, polite but sexy and powerful look for me, and I’m sure also for lots of other women out there.

Today I saw that post with a little black dress by Victoria at my dear blog Horstson, and left a comment. But I wanted so say it here once more: Victoria Beckham is such a good designer, but I have the feeling some people prefer her just wearing fashion.

She had a good career before she became a mother of 4, even before she married her husband, successful to! See how hate comes out when somebody already famous and rich (also not bad-looking) has something else to do, wants to do it, and does it with such success!

I don’t have a problem with creative people, or with fashion lovers like Victoria. She is in this business because it’s passion for fashion, because she can, because she enjoys it. I even hear women say “oh, but she does not draw anything”, you know what? Who cares??

I know more than the average fashion lover about drawing (actually have a degree in it), and if the idea, the concept, the taste and the work is hers, it does not make any difference if she can draw or not.

Well, I hope you like the dress I have chosen for this post, it’s the one I would buy, of course not the only one, but I fell in love with this grey treasure first time I saw it.

Thanks Victoria for your passion and work. Hope to met you some day, so I can tell you in person!

Photo from My Theresa

That’s how Cara Delavigne looks singing, like it…

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cara delevingne song

If I want to know about news in the industry, I normally check my blogroll, and I found this picture and the video that goes with it at “This is Jane Wayne”, great blog.

Cara Delavigne for me is the type of girl that goes into modeling because she can, not because it’s what she wants to do, she is a creative person in the first place, does whatever she feels like, spends time with music, and does her job at fashion week.

It’s great, because she sounds quite like I expected her to sound like, natural. She has a voice that just comes out like that, and she works with that without trying to sell me any dramatic or romantic feeling…it’s the kind of voices I really love. For me she is THE kind of person that will make money out of everything, and she even will sell us new, fresh and good things from time to time, like Carla Bruni, or other models did before.

Thanks Cara, love you singing, keep doing it!!

Of course, the picture is from This is Jane Wayne.

Amazing flowers on the street, oh, and my NOA NOA top!

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2013 at 1:10 pm

These flowers don’t even need to be planted every Spring, they just grow everywhere from nothing!! It’s more tricky if you want to get rid of them, they reappear just like that. I adore Summer here, people love flowers, and every little garden or window has some, don’t you find the flowers beside the cars amazing?? Oh, the top is NOA NOA by the way, the scarf is from the man’s department (you know I love using man’s clothes), it’s NAPAPIJRI, big and matching the flowers.





I hope you enjoy flowers as much as I do, otherwise it’s boring for you I guess. Getting out of my house and being able to see this colours everywhere I look, makes my day. You should include more flowers in your life, not just t-shirts that have the same colour. Oh, yes, the jeans is LEVI’S, if you’re interested, great jeans.

My little discoveries, from my Anziehend! tour!!

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2013 at 9:07 am

As you know, now and then I take my camera with me when I visit Anziehend!. I always take a look there, if I want something new, or discover a little treasure. It inspires me, and it’s fun to see what Andrea’s choices are when it comes to take in new stuff from her costumers. She does not pick everything just because it’s almost new, or trendy. She has her own style and sense for fashion, and believes that the most interesting peaces you find them in private people’s wardrobes. Here is what I found this week:







The ” One Lovely Blog Award”, thanks so much, but is it good or bad to be nominated??

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Today “Attire Club”  nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Is that good or bad??

Of course I’m flattered that other bloggers, more experienced and followed than me, do read and like my blog, but I’ve heard this “blogging award” thing is not always the best publicity?

Could somebody give me some information about this? I would be so pleased to hear (read, of course) what’s your opinion.

We've been awarded the  One Lovely Blog award

I want to thank F&F and wish them all the best in blogging, keep it up!

I already received another blogging award a few months ago, I was just starting so I could not believe it and had to learn what it was really about by the time it was happening! Today I would like to nominate other 7 bloggers that I like or find special for different reasons. Some of them already are on my blogroll, I thought back then, it was something to be happy about.

Well, here my 7 things about me, I guess it doesn’t hurt, if my readers do know something…

-There are so many trends I don’t like, but I prefer talking about the ones I do support.

-I’m a perfectionist, it helps me a lot but sometimes it makes things difficult!

-There are so many things I wanted to become when I was a child, it’s not easy for me to just pick one!

-Don’t be surprised if you see me playing model here, I just love it!

-I do understand the “vegan shoes” trend, but I’m sorry, leather shoes are just a must for me.

-I like Louboutin, he is the most charming and intelligent man in the world isn’t he? And of course it would be great to have a pair of “red soles”. His knowledge about women is rare, many young girls should listen to him.

-I see so many blogs with high fashion, but very few of them do really show me a true vision, or inspire me. I try to be honest about what I love, and expect others to do so.

Well, my 7 blogs:

All blogs you can find on my blogroll are wonderful to me! If you want to know why I picked some of them (they all are so different!), you can just ask me, feel free to write and comment.

Silver sandals, and to much cold to wear them!!

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2013 at 9:40 am

It was just one day last week I could wear my new sandals all day long. They are made of natural materials, so my kid could just eat a bit of the glue the soles are put together with, and nothing would happen! I think it’s super cute for my little feet. Birkenstock are just to wide and “big” for my taste and the shape of my feet, but these ones are perfect, and I find the colour and material give them a cool look. I’ve loved silver all my life, and this treasure just found me at Anziehend!, the best place to go for me.




Sandals brand is ART Of PERU, and the jeans is LEVI’S, both things from Anziehend!, in Braunschweig.


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