for everybody who loves clothes but does not take trends so serious

Bio & FAQ’s


Where are you from?

My mother decided to live in Spain, so I grew up in a little village near the French border, and 20 km from the Mediterranean beaches in the Nord of Spain. My family is German, I might be a mixture by now!

What is your profession?

I like more the question “What is your passion?”, because it’s more easy to answer to me. I’m passionate about so many things…

For the last few years I’ve come to love working online, from home or wherever I’m. My online business works that way, and gives me freedom to blog about fashion, or do whatever is intersting to me.

If you ask me about education, I just can say that I actually spent years at University of Barcelona (UB) and do have a degree in Bellas Artes (Fine Arts), I’ve been interested in colours, textures, clothes and esthetics since I remember. Taking Ballet classes since age 6 has been a great school for me, the two hours in front of the mirror  doing my hair and make up before every time I had to be on stage, where part of my make up school. I still dance when I get the oportunity.


You just work on your blog?

My blog is a project I’m always investing hours in, a work in progress. I would love to be able to work just on my blog and also focus on collaborations and work with people and brands I really support. There is always something new to achieve and learn.

My new business is actually online, like this blog, and I decided to start a new business because I don’t want to depend on any offline job, or be under a pressure of blogging certain content, in order to be able to blog whenever I want. So I found the formula:

Run a successful online business, and link that to your passion!!! you can access my business blog HERE!!


You profile on LookBook is not active anymore, but we could read “independent model” there, what do you mean by that?

I seriously doubt somebody is going to be interested in a short model, over 30 and “not with a conventional beauty face” in the fashion world any time soon, but I take that with humour. Like Carla Bruni said about that “things change”.

I love being involved in interesting jobs as an UNUSUAL model (fun way to say it), if the project and the artist are interesting to me.

  1. Hy Jana,

    As an appreciation of you and your online presence, we are giving you the Shine on Blogger-to-blogger award!

    Best wishes,


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