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The White Suit on Romy

In ART, Iconic Woman, Wonderful Looks&Outfits on July 18, 2014 at 12:27 pm

No words, I want one like this one, now!! Thank you Romy.

Thanks GlamAmor for the picture.

Yellow-Cream halter dress on Romy Schneider, again, fabulous…

In ART, Iconic Woman, Wonderful Looks&Outfits on April 9, 2014 at 7:02 pm

This is what I love about simple little dresses, they can look terrible if they don’t suit you or the color or the kind of “design” isn’t the one for you, but if everything fits and you wear it just like this…like Romy Schneider did in Swimming Pool, it’s incredible! Showing your back, your neck, and your legs is not just possible in a classic little black dress, yellow or cream tones are great if your skin has a natural tan (don’t fake it please, a natural white skin is just as beautiful!). I specially love the details on the neck, have a thing for special necks on dresses or sweaters…no matter what the item is really, look at the neck!

Thanks GlamAmor for the pictures, I’ve been waiting for them for a few days!

You have to play with fashion sometimes, just what I was talking about …

In ART, Iconic Woman on March 20, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Nice video with John Nollet, the man behind the look of Vanessa Paradis, maybe a young one, but already a great style icon for me.

Eva Herzigova In Brian Atwood Spring ’13 Film

In ART, Iconic Woman on March 1, 2013 at 4:01 pm

I adore fashion films, specially if they are inspired by films and style icons, and Marilyn Monroe on her last unfinished picture, awesome! The photos made of her playing in the pool while filming that scene, where in every single magazine in 1962.


Got this photo from Rockalili Cuts London, great site to check out.


The designer teamed up with the famed photographers again for his Spring ’13 film, which, inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pool scene in Something’s Got To Give, stars Eva Herzigova. Despite the fact that she’s nude (come on, what did you expect?), the film is a playful and, dare we say, tasteful expression of the seductive femininity around which Atwood’s shoes are built. “I think our last film and campaign was very sexual. It pushed the boundaries. But this is more feminine,” Atwood told The video has a distinct Old Hollywood feel and shows Herzigova swimming around in a pair of floral heels (which Atwood thought resembled vintage swimming caps). “Yes, there is a man [you only see his arm as he reaches over the pool to give Herzigova a martini], but it’s all about her,” added the designer, who notes that Monroe’s “unapologetic sex appeal” is a constant…

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