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Ok guys, Tom Jones and Kate Moss, that’s cool.

In ART, Iconic Woman on February 5, 2014 at 9:10 am

Tom, Sir Tom, always there, because who has been there as long as Tom??. Of course other artists out there survived the 60s and 70s, but let’s face it, Tom is different.

Still that hair, that smile, that charming and gentleman attitude. Sir Tom Jones is The Man, the man I would love to met just to have a drink and listen to him, because as Kylie recently said on The Voice UK (where both work as judges), Tom’s voice sounds cool even when he is coughing! And she said that just after that lovely girl auditioning said:  “your voice sounds a little bit like God, imagine just Got talking to you, you would be the voice”. That was really fun to watch, because Tom, always with his sense of humour and his Welsh ways, was so humble and surprised to hear that from a 16-year-old that said “I started doing gigs when I was 13”, and came to The Voice with her guitar singing her own version of “I’m Sexy and I know it”.

Sexy, even that is still there, like him., who also sits there as a judge just beside Kylie and Tom, says things like “you’ll be save in the hands of the wisdom”, or ” this man has worked with every artist that ever lived on this planet”. Will, you’re one of a kind too, but Tom is Tom Jones.

Well, not a wonder he knows Kate Moss, and likes being next to her. I think Tom has a great common sense (so has Kate, otherwise I don’t think she would survive the business for that long), and Kate Moss is just becoming to fashion what Tom Jones is to music, a legend. Love them both, and Tom’s hair just finishes the look both of them give together! Sorry Tom, you know I love you.

Thanks to Grazia Daily Uk, there you’ll find a great review of Kate Moss looks over the years.

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